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Let one of our experienced licensed Captains guide & pilot you through beautiful rivers of California, Guided river tours are available for the Napa River, Petaluma River, Old Sacramento, Angel Island.

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Sightseeing on the water gives you such a wonderfully different perspective. Enjoy seeing wildlife at the water in their natural habitat.

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Been there and got the T-shirt? With our unique guided boat tours you'll want to come back and do another tour. We cover it all from rivers to bays. Indeed a rememberable and relaxing experience.

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Boat Tours

of Napa River, Petaluma River, Angel Island, Tomales Bay, Sacramento Delta and the San Francisco Bay Area are available. Make sure you book as early as possible. Limited seating available.

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is the approximate length of the Napa River that drains the Napa Valley. Beginning from the surrounding mountains passing the navigable waters of Downtown Napa to the end at the mouth in Vallejo.


Square Miles

is the total water surface area of the California Delta. The Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta has 57 reclaimed islands and tracts, surrounded by 1,100 miles of levees that border 700 miles of waterways.



was the first recorded European discovery of San Francisco Bay. The tidal action at the Golden Gate generates an average flow of 2.3 million cubic feet of water per second.

California Voyages Tours

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Experience California's waterways. Here are just some of the great boat tours we offer.

Napa River Boat Tour

The Wine Country Napa river boat tour leisurely covers the relaxing scenry of vineyards and nature, pausing at Downtown Napa.

Petaluma River Boat Tour

Petaluma River boasts to be unchanged for thousands of years. It's a river boat tour that puts you back in the 1800s. Then to the Downtown Petaluma victorians.

Angel Island Boat Tour

The Angel Island boat tour encompasses water and land. Enjoy the water views of the Island and then have a tour of the Island's wonderfully rich history.

Sacramento River Delta Boat Tour

The Sacramento River with lovely waterway drawbridge scenery and stop over at Old Town Sacramento.

Tomales Bay Boat Tour

Enjoy Tomales Bay via the water. See Hog Island, stop by Tomales State Park and picnic on the beach.

San Francisco Bay Tours

Many unique tours available; Sausalito, Angel Island, Treasure Island, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, (to name a few).

Tomales Bay Guided Boat Tour
Tomales Bay Boat Tour

The Area: Tomales Bay is a 15 mile long narrow inlet separating the Pt Reyes Peninsula and the mainland of Marin County. Oysters that are farmed in this bay is world renowned. Once this area was a Coastal Milwok territory. The famous Explorer and Captain Francis Drake is thought to have landed nearby.

The Boat Tour: Your 4 hour tour begins near the Town of Marshall. Pass the Hog Islands and cruise the length of Tomales Bay. Then take a lunch break at the beach. Enjoy a leisurely ride back.

Napa River Adventure Boat Tour
Adventure Tour of Napa River - A Guided Boat Tour

You haven't seen all the Napa Wine Country until you've on the Napa River. What an adventure.

The Area: Napa River is navigable from downtown Napa until it terminates in Vallejo, (San Pablo Bay). The Napa River drains all of Napa Valley. With on going reclamation and flood project has immensely improve this wonderful recreational area

The Boat Tour: This 2 hour tour begins or ends at Downtown Napa, (depending on time and tide variables). Taking a relaxing boat ride on the Napa River is second to none. View nature in comfort and enjoy the guided tour that features Napa Valley and Napa River history.

California Voyages

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Guided Boat Tours

Napa River Tour $69 pp
Petaluma River Tour $79 pp
Tomales Bay Tour $89 pp
California Delta Tour $99 pp

Guided Boat tours of California

California Voyages is a small boat charter company that specializes in small group day guided tours in the Napa, Petaluma, Tomales Bay, Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area. Only highly qualified Captains onboard have extensive training above US Coast Guard requirements. All Captains have been licienced by the USCG. Have hands on training for 'man overboard' and is CPR qualified. Above all safety is our priority number one. All Captains are drug tested on a monthly basis. We hope that our above quality of service will be rewarded with your recommendations. We love to hear from you with questions and compliments.

The Growing Fleet

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We use very stable high efficency bio-diesel powered shallow draft hull 'tug' boats.

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Enjoy a relaxing guided boat tour. Views that can not be attained by land. Bring your camera.

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All our high efficiency diesel powered boats use bio diesel sustaining a cleaner environment.

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